Portrait stamps

Are there portrait stamps for the Tiki Seas Islands? The portrait book appears to end at the Skys.


I wonder if Tripeaks Is planning a whole remodel of all those badge pages.

Last year I enjoyed working to get badges for Easter, etc, but I think they ran out of room. They may need a page for each year if they start that again.

I’m sure they will keep adding levels to the game, so in their remodel, the programmers will probably want to make it open ended (so they won’t have to keep redesigning), but also watch data transfer and storage.

I’m hoping they take on that task. I like getting badges! :smiley:


I wondered that too. I love getting the badges!


I was wondering the same thing? I just start the game in Nov, 2018. I have a lot of the badges, that’s part of the game too! I thought it was weird when i seen the 2017, i was like wow that’s almost 2 yrs old, I figured each year you would be able to try for that badge again or something like that would be nice. Kinda bummed I really like a few of those, and change mine often. Hopefully they come up with something.