PoisBoneDiggers needs 3 players-low drama platinum league team

PoisBoneDiggers is looking for 3 teammates! We’re a low drama team that enjoys getting all of the perks, including the special perks. We are usually fluctuating between the diamond and platinum leagues. We only require a 40k per week minimum, which I am flexible with because life happens. No daily limits but require some sort of communication if you can’t play for a lengthy amount of time. We invite addicted players who want to win and get all of the goodies but still enjoy the game and have fun.


I’m looking for a low drama club where the members interact with each other and we have proactive leaders/co-leaders. Not die hard, highly competitive leaders please. I worked my way up to a gold level, joined a club that had no leadership, transferred to another club and helped them achieve gold status and was kicked out of the club because I was inactive for 2 days due to illness and my failure to advise them of my absence.
Please be advised that I’m a friendly, chatty (most of th h ed time) team player. I’m unable to find an open gold or platinum club and although I’m late responding to your post (I just saw it) I hope that you would consider adding me to your club.

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If you’re still looking Come and Play needs new members. We are gold level and I’m a co-leader trying to find some dedicated, daily players. We wd love to level up, but need to fill someopen slots quickly. Tell me your club name and you online name and I’d love to send you an invite.

Hi Bea
Our club will have an opening after this event. Check us out Indians GoTribe
I also have club req but they’re not bad. Illnesses are something that happen. I only remove members who repeatedly aren’t contributing to the team. I’d like communication thru chat. We are a platinum status. Invite only, Min 18k/wk, 100 Tiki& club quest

Thank you for the invitation, I was actually looking for a gold level team.
Again, thank you.

Well come and try the platinum Bea!!! We love to play and could really use another fun player that reads and acts in the chat. Request to join and I’ll look for you.