Points for Perk 6

How many club points is perk 6? And as far as I can tell it is labeled “very hard” while our last special perk labeled “extreme” required fewer points?

@Tesheppard, this week it’ll take 350,000 points to complete perk 6, because it contains a daily volcano card upon completion. Without the volcano card, it only takes 300,000 points.

Here is a post that has the breakdown of each perk:

Points required to finish perk


Thanks so much for the information!

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Hi @CindyLu. :slight_smile:

May I ask you…how do you figure how many points it takes to complete each perk? I play on a mobile device (cell phone) so I’m completely lost on how you do this. As a Club Leader, I would love to know how though.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Hi Jeannie (@ScentMaven), the chart in this post has been true for a long time:

Points required to finish perk

Just in case you (or anyone else) need further details, you need to add the required points for each perk to the total points earned so far.

For instance:
Perk 1: 5,000 points,
Perk 2: 15,000 points - total 20,000 points

If your club does perk 6 next, which requires 350,000 points this week (see note below), then:
20,000 + 350,000 = 370,000 points.

That’s all true providing none of your teammates switched what perk they were working on, making it difficult to determine how many points actually went toward the perk you are working on.

Note: Perk 4 and 6 - Every other week, Perk 4 benefits includes a daily wild card (in the daily club reward). On those weeks, it will take 80,000 points to complete perk 4, instead of 70,000 points. The same with perk 6, with a volcano card, that happens on the same week.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, ask away lol :slight_smile: