Poi keeps moving!

As soon as o reach Poi, he moves more spaces away. This is ridiculous. He should stay where he is until you reach him.


I find if I’m chasing him and stay on the path, he stays put. If you move and say, chase tributes then go back, there’s a good chance he’s moved.

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That’s exactly right.

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That I’m used to, but yesterday, I was one away from him, I’d win a level, expect to collect him, and he would move. He did it over and over on double poi day!

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Oh wow! That might be a glitch. @Tiki-Tahd

Yeah, it was really frustrating because it was double Poi day!! And because the mermaid levels are impossible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve had the same problem. It has happened several times. Its bad enough on Tiki Skies because it is almost impossible to win and then…Poi moved again!

If you think skies is bad, just wait until seas. It’s horrible!

Bummer. I’m almost there. When tributes pip up, most of them cost 3,000 coins and most are in Skies.

Tiki Seas is a challenge, but I like a challenge, otherwise I’d get bored!

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