POI juice stand

Do NOT play it,not worth the payout!! It costs 3,000 per boar,you can’t use free plays, you don’t earn any stars or club points and in the end you end up spending around 60,000 coins to get a chest that contains 13,000 coins, 1 free play and 16 gems!! A total waste of time and coins.


Hi…yes playing the Boat Races is VERY pricey!! I don’t make it mandatory for anyone on my team to qualify/play, BUT if they do they must spend what’s necessary to win. One thing I will correct you on…You CAN use free plays and you do earn club points. I often use 30 min free play on those days which helps keep the cost down.

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I was talking about Poi’s juice stand,not the boat race

I was talking about Poi’s juice stand, not the boat race

Sorry April…I thought that was your club name…my bad :frowning:

Yep, agree ! I looked at this juice stand thing and its crazy expensive just to play and I didnt need look any further into it…The things they come up with sometimes are just so ridiculous