pm'ing other players

Is there a way that I can PM another player? I’d love to have a private conversation with some plp, but I haven’t found a way to do so. Please LMK if I have simply overlooked this.


You haven’t overlooked it @supermania. At this time, it is not possible. However, I’ve heard (read) things that make me think it could happen, in some way or another.

The hints I picked up on are these:

In “The Friend Center Launches” they talk about being able to “interact” with other members eventually:

The answer to Marie in the Big Kahuna Speaks, he tells about some great things to come in the Friend Center:

So, I may be reading into it, what I want to (and hoping will) happen, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


I agree @CindyLu, it sure sounds like that’s coming our way. :tada:

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Awesome sauce. Right now I"m frustrated with my team, and thinking of leaving. But, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t overlooking the way to individually talk to certain ones b/f I leave them high and dry. Thank you peeps.~!

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Our team has friended each other on FB and then we have a private messenger group that we use to encourage each other, ask questions, let admins know if you will be away from the game longer than our 18 hour minimum. This is the easiest way for all of us to talk! We love it. I have been on the same team for over 2.5 years and can honestly say that I consider many people on the team, genuine friends. We are a platinum level team that gets all 6 perks every week. Only occasionally the 7th! we have a minimum of 10,000 by Sunday and 20,000 by Thursday night. No more than 18 hours off. Must use chat and connect through FB. Supermania( or anyone else) - if our rules work for you, give us a look. We have one new member not chatting or connecting so she will be leaving us shortly. Platimun league - Island Hoppers - currently 495,674 points. Our icon is A hexagon shape with a blue totum face and red nose.

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Oh my…this is very tempting. I play daily and in fact multiple times a day. I’ll take a look at your team. Thank you for your invitation Kathy!

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