Please Tripeaks! We Implore you to Stop the Scavenger Hunts!!!

They are a waste of coins/time and distract from Tribute playing. (to name a few reasons)

Please reply or like only if you agree.

I hope they will listen to us if we get enough replies.

Thanks and happy playing!


Totally agree. Most everyone in our club refuses to play or simply cannot because it costs too much.


No one in our club plays also. Now they collect less (coins boosters etc) since the scavenger hunt is now 2x per week and this hurts people playing also


I don’t play it either. Big waste of coins and boosters for little reward. I’m not in a club so I don’t have to worry about tributes, but when I was in one I loved to play for tributes and I can imagine how hard it would be.
I see people mention you don’t have to win a game to get your jacks, but when you play higher up with fewer cards you are lucky to get any.
I think most people who like the scavenger hunt (and there doesn’t seem to be many) aren’t very far in the game.


I HATE the scavenger hunts


I agree this is a really stupid idea, don’t play


They blow! I refuse to play them.


Welcome to the community Patricia. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


I like scavenger hunts because it helps boost my red and gold stars but I wish they would make the pay out way better!


I hate it waste of coins


So I can’t comment if I disagree??

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No one on our team ppland them either. It takes away from tribute count because you waste your coins trying to get them. I understand some players like them. What I would like to see them do is on each special event give us a choice of either the scavenger hunt or the old way when the bonuses were tied to the tributes. It really doesn’t ha e to be one of the other they could do both at the same time.


Can’t tell you how much I hate them. If they could guarantee 2 kings or 6 hearts, it would be different. There are always 5 tributes in a tribute game. That’s why playing them is worthwhile. Rewards are so not worth it. By the way, rewards for gold stars are so stupid. Both of these changes exist to encourage players to advance in the game. Of course, when you advance, tribute games become harder and harder. Impossible to win without buying boosters and extra cards…which cost real money! I really enjoy my club, but playing the game makes me angry. Who need that??


I totally agree :100: I mainly go after the tributes, because I don’t have enough coins to get all the other challenges.


With this Scavenger Hunt “thing” going on…Its so SAD to see SO MANY DEDICATED MEMBERS…People that have been playing for YEARS, loggin onto the game 1,000 times A DAY…Using their REAL MONEY to buy extra coins, send gifts to other members, etc…ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SOOOOO SAD AND FRUSTRATED over the Scavenger Hunt…It was BAD ENOUGH, for US DEDICATED PLAYERS losing rewards, coins, ONCE A WEEK, but NOW its been added TWO TIMES/WEEK and it makes it even MORE UNFAIR to these DEDICATED PLAYERS…So, NOW, instead of NOT GETTING “SOMETHING” at the end of a days play, ONCE A WEEK, its TWO…And IF you wanna get technical about it all, it would be THREE days/week, we get NOTHING…Two days, for the Scavenger Hunt and one, for the “what ever day, NOTHING is offered”…I honestly don’t think “us” complaining on here, does ANY GOOD…I USED TO THINK they cared, but I really don’t think they do…SAD…I don’t play the SH and on those days, I really don’t even WANNA PLAY, what USED TO BE MY STRESS breaker, from a HORRIBLE, 16 hour shift, at work…


I agree that it is a waste of time. Please stop the hunts.


I totally agree. I can’t believe more than a fraction of the players are playing these. On days they have find “anything” I simply don’t play. They are simply a waste of time and coins as you so correctly pointed out.


You should try our team. It’s about having fun enjoying the game no requirement stressors. Its Having Fun" but noticed several more eith same or similar just capital letter changes

you’re absolutely right. I totally agree its not fair.

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No one on our team plays. We enjoy the normal game and support each other (shared coins) and advance the whole team. We’ve been begging since the start to take it away or make it only 1 time a week.