Please mix up the Gold Tiki ard in other perk levels


Please consider mixing up the gold tiki card into other game levels… our club really wants that card, but it takes us almost all week to earn it.

It would be great if once in awhile (maybe once a month) it was thrown into a lower level??

It would mix things up a bit and make the teams really happy.


I just have to share this… club good day has won all the perks with 8hrs to go for the 1st time…I’m so happy and excited…I’m in that club…that’s all…just had to share.
Thanks guys


@Jhood, I like your suggestion… but the best way for the development team to see it, is to submit a suggestion ticket. In the game, tap on your profile/menu pic in the top left corner, then on Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen.


My group starts with 6, that way you have it to breeze through the rest. :+1:t2:

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How long does it take you to get through 6.

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Hi Tim and Jean - we take at least until Tuesday night or Wednesday to get through 6. Since it takes 300K and we average around 350K per week, the perk 6 weeks are very long. (Our team rotates one week focusing on 6 and the next week the other perks so we have some variety and it’s not all grueling perk 6 weeks.)

I think this really varies with your team’s average points per week. If we could get to 300K in a day or two, I would always start with that one first!

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