Please make these changes

Scavenger hunts are terrible! They eat up all your coins for little rewards, you can play a “scavenger hunt game” and you won’t get a single jack or a single heart that you are trying to collect. It’s such a waste and infuriating. Club quests that require more players than you have in your club. What’s the point, it just makes it impossible for us to win any club quests for 24 hours. And bring back the new star tracker at the top with how many cards are left and the red numbers when the time gets low


They probably took the new tracker away because its advantageous to the player

I think if you look at the totality of how many games you need to play to win the scavenger hunt vs. I didnt get a jack for 1 specific game, that is a better approach. Cause I’ve gotten 4 aces in a game during an ace hunt and 0…but It all averages out over the long haul. That being said even among scavengers there are the worthwhile ones and the not so worthwhile.ones. You’ll just have to pick and choose. The one today was basically a piece of cake for the reward given. Then there are the ones where I don’t bother because I have better things to do given the reward.