Please make Free plays a boost

I wish that the free plays that are won could become one of the boosts so that they could be used when we choose to use them.


Estaría muy bien poder usarla cuando quisiera, a veces no queda más remedio que usarlas con partidas de poco coste cuando juegas en volcan

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It would be nice to be able to use it whenever you want, sometimes there is no choice but to use them with low cost games when you play in volcano

I completely agree, and really looking forward to the day they make it our choice!


I have said the same thing! I would rather choose to use them when I needed them! Please consider tripeaks!


I also wish you could save a 30 min free play from daily log in for later. Some mornings I don’t have 30 min to play all at once and wish I could save till later in the day when I have time.

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OMgosh @Angela_Lubbers, I soooo feel that should be a priority! So many of us want to pop in, and are not ready to play for 30 minutes yet! Also, even if I am ready to play, I like to share help coins, collect help coins, collect daily bonuses, request more help from friends, & respond in chat, before I start playing.

I’m pretty sure they will fix that. I just hope it’s soon!

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I also would like to see free plays become a boost. Our club finished all six perks early early morning on Monday and I am waiting for the special perk instead of wasting coins/free plays on games that basically count for nothing. In the meantime we got like 5 double gift boxes! I opened all of them and of course I had to collect my perk rewards before midnight so on Tuesday to start the day I had 49 free plays. Because I can’t save them, it made no sense to complete most of the daily quests. Like if it’s a quest to find 92 Aces I’m always going to level one and playing it over and over. I don’t remember the exact reward but say it’s 5000 coins for the Aces. It wouldn’t make sense to use the free plays to do that quest unless I could collect ALL the Aces in one game. One free play is worth 3000 to me. Once I clicked the second one in my example, I’ve actually lost coins. Almost ALL (actually all) of the individual quests made no sense for me to play since I couldn’t bank those free plays. I missed out on probably 30k coins and more free plays. Sucks.

Hi @5632ab220bdf2d618e79, that’s so awesome you collected 49 free plays!

I also would love to choose when to use them and have the option to save them!

We have to decide what is worth playing and what is not, and I noticed everybody has their own strategy or preferences. Personally, I don’t spent my coins on red stars, accept for the club quests, whee others really enjoy collecting the stars and/or the competitiveness in that aspect of the game.

I hope overall the game is fun for you, and someday TriPeaks will give us the free play option!