Please fix Scavenger Hunt

Everybody hates scavenger hunt. Ideas to make it better.

  1. have an icon you can tap to take you to the levels like tributes. (Other than the last level to reach poi) too much time wasted looking for the levels. We like to play fast. Especially cause our time is limited and finishing quests is already VERY time consuming.
  2. if this is a real scavenger hunt, then all games marked by the icon should contain the ace, king,etc. being hunted. Otherwise it’s only a wild goose chase.
  3. all levels marked by icons should be levels without any red stars already earned (same for tributes) it burns my biscuit when I get to Floating Falls ie. and the level with the icon is the only one I’ve already beaten cause I played for a tribute just 5 minutes ago.
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I agree with everything he said. Please listen to us.

Agreed! Takes all day and all coins just to try to win the Scavenger hunt! Do better please!