Please explain how to best use the golden tiki

I have got the gold card in gameplay but it seems like a wildcard. I haven’t been able to get the one from the perk yet.

I use it to play the most cards possible. It works to help get rid of traps. Say a 7 is under a trap and you have a 6 in your tableau. Tap the 6 then the trapped 7. The 7 is free and the gold tiki is still available to use. Do the same with bombs and a gold tiki. If you have a game with the save a card for later and have a gold tiki tap a card to play then switch to move gold tiki over then play on first card you tapped. Then you still have gold tiki to use later. My club always plays Perk 6 first so that we can get gold tiki. We love him.


Thanks. I can’t wait to try it.


I love gold tiki!! I use him to play the games that are hard to win AKA Grotto. Gold tiki saved me on the Grotto!!


Those golden tiki really help in tiki sea! I love that card…only way for me to beat levels on tiki sea otherwise I can’t win a game on there for the life of me.


I truly am trying to see the benefits of that golden tiki. I see how when breaking traps it could work. But I play the shrine so much I never have any traps and I always have wildcards to finish the hand. It looks like my lil no rules club will get it this week.
I hope I’m not missing the point.


@TriPeaksSuzy, after you get perk 6, and you have Goldie, wait to use your trap torch booster to see if you have traps and or bombers, or the totems in the seas showing when you start the hand.

What @Beebs1264 described above, I call “the reusable tiki” Because when, like in the example above, the 7 is under a net, tap a 6 or an 8 on the table, which drops to the dead pile, then the trapped 7, the net breaks, the 6 falls away, & you can reuse Goldie… over and over until you clear as much as you can.

In the meantime, each time you do that, you are not using any cards out of your draw pile, and it all counts towards your streaks.

I actually planned to post this as a tip a couple days ago, before the forum got wild with new members & posts LOL


Thanks ! Definitely worth posting in the tips section. Your a wealth of knowledge!


I also love the golden Tiki :heart_eyes: It is also good to have because you get to start the game with the card you want to play.