Please come help us!

Oh My!! While Santa was out watching the reindeer games, the elves ran a muck!

One got drunk on egg nog.
One got all hyped up on hot chocolate(the workshop is a mess!)
Two snuck into the kitchen now there is Christmas cookies everywhere!!! Mrs. Clause is not happy at all!

So Santa decided to punish them by having them make everyone face masks.

So now we need some new elves to come help with the mess. We’ve got club quest everywhere, oh and those perks, we have to unwrap all those gift boxes.

Mr. & Mrs. Clause hate stress & drama. So it takes some mighty strong elves to make them happy.

They communicate through the North Pole chat. So they ask all of the elves to do the same. The elves must communicate if they are going to be idle for 24hrs or more.

So if you would like to come and play with our silly elves…come join us we will all have lots of fun!


What a great post! You are super creative!