Please Add Points it Takes to Complete Each Perk

Can you add the points it takes to complete each Perk on the Perk itself? Every day someone is asking how many points it takes to complete a Perk. I know:

Perk 1 - 5,000 points
Perk 2 - 20,000 points
Perk 3 - 35,000 points
Perk 4 - 70,000 or if it has a Wild Card, 80,000 points
Perk 5 - 150,000 points
Perk 6 - 300,000 or if it has a volcano card 350,000

Extra Perk if received on Wednesday - 85,000 points

Extra Perk if received on Tuesday - 250,000

Extra Perk if received on Monday - 450,000 or if it contains a Hold Card - 475,000 points

I know it and most leaders know this information but for people who don’t, and there are a lot of them, adding it to the Perk will give them something to work toward. I can bet there are tons of clubs with leaders and members who don’t have a clue!

Just a suggestion that would help make clear what it takes so clubs can make an educated decision on which Perks to start with or play depending on their weekly averages of points.


Thank you for the recap.

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I always change the motto to say how many points it’ll take to complete the current perk. I also like to announce in chat how close we are to getting it. Our team really rallies when we are close. :smiley:


I give estimates too on how much left to complete the perk, primarily on the special perks tho.


I calculate n say it in chat for my members


I do the same in our club. Each morning I give a run down on what is left to get perks. But lately perk 6 has fluctuated a lot. Also, does anyone know how the tributes affect the totals?


Playing tributes usually give you twice the points as a regular game. Most tribute games pay 200 - 300 points where a regular game pays 100 - 150 but it varies on the island played and how fast you get the game done etc…


I’m sort of lost on how to do it. Might be a dumb question. How do you calculate how many points it takes to complete a perk. Say the first is 5000 you said. So do you start from that to figure the 2nd perk. It would mean I need to get to 15,000 which is 10,000 more. Is that right? Or is there another way of figuring how many points are needed. I’m New at the club thing.

Yes you are correct. If everyone on the team stays on the correct Perk you won’t have any issues with knowing how much more to complete the next Perk. This week it will take 575.000 total. Just keep adding the amount for each Perk once you completed one. Hope this helps.

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Yes it does. Thank You
I didn’t want to seem dumb by asking.
Are these the right amount
5,000 -1
15,000 -2
35,000 -3
70,000 -4
15,000 -5
30,000 -6

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Perk 4 can be 80,000 if it contains a Wild Card and Perk 7 can be 350,000 if it contains a Volcano Card but what you have is for this week.

There are no dumb questions… we all have to learn somehow.


20k add 3 to 20k and so on and so on

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@Princess48, Jeni was close, just missing a couple 0’s

P Pts. Total
1 5,000 = 5,000
2 +15,000 = 20,000
3 +35,000 = 55,000

And so on

Good catch! I didn’t even see the missing zeros!


Thank you but I did figure it out…lol


But now I really need coins
I friended a few but it is not helping because I can’t get them to show up on my list for 3,000 coins. How do I do that

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@Princess48, Are there names on your list, just not the right names, or no names at all?

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Yes, I don’t understand either why they keep it such a big “secret” how many points it takes to complete a perk and how close you are. I think it would be a huge enhancement if they showed the number needed and kept a running total for you right on the perk.


@Jo_Melis, it’s no secret anymore :slight_smile: we’ve been sharing it for a while. Back in the olden days, they kept changing it, & that was ok, because that was how the game was. I, for one, am soooo happy they have made it so much more predictable!

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You can use the search bar in your tripeaks friends folder to find the missing players from your list…
I would really like to be able to choose which players are on that list…I have so many there that no longer play that I have to “search” for my active friends each day when I request coins…