Playing new levels

Hi all,

I’ve currently advanced to Monkey Falls level 1 and deliberately stopped my progress a couple of weeks ago.

My question is: is it worthwhile to advance? Are the levels any more interesting in Tiki Skies/Seas/Paradise or are they just more annoying as many people seem to complain about. Limiting the tributes to the first 217 levels is one major reason I stopped.


They games do get harder, that is true. The farther you go I believe the harder the tributes are to win also.

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I think it depends on how you want to play? Keep playing same levels over and over. Or see what it has to offer. I have all levels open except for whale pop and whatever is after it. I jump around all levels. Currently legend status.


It’s more challenging the further you go. I’m a curious one, so I keep pushing along. I’m trying to get thru Shipwreck Shore and while it’s very difficult, I am determined to press on! ;).

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Keep going. Yes, the levels get harder but they also challenge you and break up the monotony.

I find Tiki Skies to be very hard and only go back to them occasionally. Albeit I will say the easier levels do get monotonous and I only go back to Tiki Skies when I have earned Free Play. Or I feel I have enough coins to try a few hands. That being said…they are ridiculously hard and almost impossible with out using the Bomb Diffusers or Trap Torches. Good Luck!

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Yes!! Plunder Bay is killing me. lol It’s been SLOW going trying to get through it. It seems I just can’t win without a volcano or wild card.