Players Wanted Play Daily

Looking for Players who will play Tributes with the goal of completing all Perks.
Club Quests not required except the ones with Gems or Wilds.
We buy gifts on Double Gift Day. If you already have a club like this let me know. We have 2-3 players. Or we can start a new one.


Hi @CathyTN!
We have a couple spots open.
We get all 6 Perks weekly and are a solid Platinum Club.
15,500 is our minimum and we work hard to complete all Club Quests.
Please let me know if you are interested.

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Hi Rhonda,

Yes We would be very interested to join your team. It sounds like the perfect team for us. I’m Cathy-TN and she’s Karen wi. Let me see if she wants to join now or wait until Friday. What’s the name of your team?

I’m in Monkey Business now. Send me a request please.

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Hi Cathy! I’ve been on the road, but heading home now. I will find you and invite you to our Club, or you can search for us. Tiki Central, platinum club. We have one spot, but will make room for Karen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Found you and Karen, sent invites and I am excited to have you both join our Tiki Central family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Cathy! I apologize, while I was out of town, someone else joined and filled us up. Do you want to stay where you are and join us at reset on Thursday night? I really want to have you and Karen in our club. Please let me know.

Ohh i just told them I was leaving and tried to join

I apologize, Cathy. I didn’t realize we had filled up again. Do you want to join after reset?

Hi Cathy! Are you and Karen still looking for a team to join?? Perk Smashers would love to have you join our team and we currently have 2 if not 3 openings available. We are public, so no invitation is needed. We are currently in 2nd in the Gold Leagues and usually play in Platinum league, but had a “rest” week last week! Requirements are 20k/300 trib a week, 24 hr idle time unless notice, and communication is mandatory. We love to help each other out and usually get all 6 perks done and sometimes the 7th. If we sound like a club that suits you, feel free to look us up. I tried to find you, but was unable to locate you to send you an invite. April

Sea Aggies!!! we are looking for players like that. you can send me a friend request in the friend center and when we have an opening I can send you an invite.

Hi @CathyTN!
2 spots are waiting for you and Karen. Please let me know where you are now and I will send invites again. We went to invite only, to avoid having the problem we did on Sunday.