Players should lose their club champion titles when they move to a higher league

I think it’s great that the top three scorers in a club are given the titles of Club Champion and that the game tracks how many times. But I think if a player moves to a higher league they should not be able to keep their club champion title. For example, if a player is in a Stone Club and they become a club champion and then they move to a Diamond club, it is very misleading because they have not yet performed at the Diamond level. It makes sense to keep their Club Champion titles if they move down a level (i.e. from Legend to Diamond) or stay within the same league, but not when they move to a higher league.


This is a good idea.

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Actually , I’ve thought about this and I have another suggestion. Keep the club champ titles but add another feature to the view profile, which right now is kind of bland.

The # of times club champ per league. So something main title would be 5x club champion, click on view profile and for example: see a breakdown of 2x stone league champion 2x gold league champion , 1x platinum champion.


I started a new club and have been a champ in all leagues moving up. Plus the League I fled from. That would be a lot of data.

See I think if they earn it they should keep it, I would think maybe add to the profile xamount club champ and if the streak is broken it’s not listed below the name so the streaks recognized but other than that I think that i think its earned.

But if you qualify as club champion at the stone level 5 times and then move to a Diamond club, it is highly unlikely your play would be at champion level in your new club. Keeping your titles is a badge of honour but there’s a huge difference between the champion at diamond level and one at stone level.

I guess I dont understand? The club champion title has an effect on your group? And also how a stone club player is accepted to a diamond league? I’ve been club champ 5x in a platinum level club while being a gold league player and was promoted to platinum on my red stars leaderboard to platinum; which had nothing to do with my club that I’m aware of? Other than the points I earned for club quests and perks that helped me play of course.
If your just basing it on experience than it’s on a club leader to both add and accept members, and simply looking at someone’s gold stars red stars and weekly club points tell you as much as you should need to know I think?

Some clubs are public meaning club members don’t always know players backgrounds or where they have come from. There is a bit of prestige with the champions title so good for you in being champion multiple times. But if you move to a higher club league (I’m not talking about red stars) it’s a bit misleading because you have not yet proven yourself in the higher league. Yes if players don’t perform they will be booted but I think this devalues the champion title. The standard of performance to get the title is not the same.

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Oh ok I’ve never understood public clubs above wood status I thought it was different to where they have to be added or accepted. Thank you I appreciate it :slight_smile: I have only been playing for a few months so I’m still learning how everything works so that’s really good to know for the future.

I’m in a newly Legend and we finally have a full team. Higher level teams have troubles attracting strong players (50k per week) - it’s very competitive. It takes a lot of work to manage invites so often the club will be set to public to fill slots and try to complete quests. We often get beginners jumping in. It’s especially a problem after we get all the perks. If they don’t perform they get booted but that is a lot of work and leaders have a max # of turnovers they are allowed. You say you’ve only been playing for awhile but you seem to have a good grasp already. Enjoy your playing!

Oh wow I had no idea they monitor turnover! That’s interesting and gotta be difficult! I usually manage 50-70 thousand a week but I work Monday-Saturday dayshift and have a 9 y/o and 3 y/o so my times limited or I know I could get more. That’s why I’m in a lower club and fall between platinum and was demoted to gold last week (currently 4th place so should be promoted again) but like to keep a higher level.
I managed inventories, orders, statistics and much more for a local hotel&casino for a few years, so I’m really good at catching repetitive reactions, cause and effect and numbers are my strong suit so this game is alot of fun because it’s a mental test and I also find it challenging but manageable so I truly enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I am new as well and still learning. This is why I am joining this board learn as I go.