Player looking for new club

Maxes all quests tributes plays daily prefer a no dig club currently platinum league but will play anywhere for a fair and strict team username DebraN

Our team is looking.
Must get 4k before going idle
15 k by Sunday, 18k by reset
Tribute quest mandatory, we don’t do any other quests
No 20 hr idle
Gem competition is optional.
Tipsy tikis is the group name if you are interested

HI Debra, we are currently in Gold, rebuilding the team. Before a co leader messed it all up we were high Platinum, sometimes Diamond. Dig us optional. We do not do the first dig as perk 6 & 7 take TOP PRIORITY over digging. So if you would like to help us rebuild, we would be quite happy. We are a good team ( those who are left from the good days) we are Tiki_scotland. Normal rules apply. Max all club quests, indicate that you maxed in CHAT THAT YOU HAVE MAXED.
Other normal rules apply, play daily, max all club quests, play Tributes, help motivate your teammates. 3k before your first idle, difficult to day 5k minimum a day, as we often have to up that so we can beat our opponents. WE ARE A FUN TEAM !! IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE OR JOIN
OUR TEAM, email me on

Good luck!!!

Please consider our club. Tiki Hut. We are usually a Diamond level team. Currently rebuilding so we are platinum level right now. Digging is optional.