Playdaily club is in need of members

We had a bad week, and, instead of trying harder the next week, half my members left. Even though most of the people who left had helped to cause the bad week. I AM used to getting 4 to 5 perks a week. I would like more but I can only do so much and I am down to 9 members. I am having a hard time recruiting on my own. WE NEED HELP!

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We have had a few good weeks, then bad again. One thing that irritates me is freeloaders. I get them constantly. They join and do nothing. Our club is named Playdaily for a reason. I hate it when they join to get free stuff, then leave.

We want people to join our club who WANT to play and be in a team with others who also want to play. We are back down to 11 players. Please help.

Tiki Tasmania 2 is looking to rebuild our team. We were getting 5 perks regularly, but we are down to 14 players.