Play with fun and kind people

Come play with our fun and grace-filled group (By God’s Grace). We have a good time and encourage each other along the way. We’re in the Gold league, always make 5 perks, and often do well in the digging for gems game. With a full team playing for tributes, we could get to 6 perks and/or special perk.

We offer

We ask
*Read and respond to chat to participate in strategy and communicate if you’ll be gone.
*14K/200 tribute minimum per week, unless you’re chatting and we know why that’s not possible (work, school, difficulties, travels, etc.) Life happens and we understand there is more to it than playing a game.

  • Tribute Collection (because that’s what brings the perks!)
  • Club Quests (as you can)
  • Qualifying/Playing Gem Dig Club Competition (and pay attention to chat during it so we can work together for best results)
  • Change your name from Guest to anything real or imaginary, as long as it’s not inappropriate!