Platinum level, drama-free club looking for players who can make 20k/week. Come join the DreamTeam family!

We have a kind, welcoming team looking for players to join the family. We are a platinum level club that completes all six perks. We are looking for players who can make 20k/week, actively collect tributes, read and join in on chat, and contribute to club quests. Find us under DreamTeam. Our leader is Sara Beth.

Looking for a non bitchy team. Not too much pressure but with players who all contribute. I would like a team where they are flexible with play in situations like illness, family issues etc. Been with my team over a year and am a co-leader but things are getting nasty. I play daily when I can, club champ x2. I’d like a team that has occasional down time to build up coins as the game is getting greedy. I went from 4 million to less than one. Would like to know there is no pressure over Christmas and New Year.
I contribute to club quests but will not waste coins or boosters for 1 wild or 3 free play. I also buy club gifts from time to time.

Sounds good would like to help?

Do you still have spaces?

Hey saw your post we have 2 spots in our club we are a platinum league and 5th in it get all perks and sometimes get bonus one too all we ask is that you do your club quest and say maxed and get around 25k a week with 200 tributes.
We are called sonnynkelly that’s our club name send request if interested be fast as only 2 spots

Hi thank you for letting us know. I will message my friend. What happens if we can’t make 25000. My friend has health issues and occasionally may not be able to play for a couple of days but would let you know. Also with Christmas and large family get togethers. It does sound good though.

Ok we always have family first etc if you busy etc you just say it in chat and make it up when back on or before go off etc our club requirements are 20 k but we like people to reach around 25 but 20 we are happy with.
Let me know asap as saving the 2 spots for you and your friend let me know your club names so can watch for your requests

Hi, sorry my friend has just decided to stay put for now and I suddenly have a sick dog and don’t know what will happen. Sorry for messing you about. I appreciate your offer.

Your club sounds awesome. I had an extreme stalky club lesder so I joined another one that ended up not ever finishing quesys. Looking for a better fit.

Hey we looking for 3 good players we are a platinum league and holding 9th at the moment all we ask is that you hit around 25k a week and over 200 tributes a week and also always fo your part on club quest and say maxed when done your share. Also we get all 6 perks and sometimes the bonus one too.
We have a rule too cant be offline more then 24 hours unless you state you going to be off.
We are called sonnynkelly search us and have a look at us if like what you see send in the request

Try PP casual. A great & friendly team.