Platinum League looking for a few good teamies!

Mutiny has a few open spots for team players! Drama free and no nonsense! We are a fun, chatty group who would love to have you join us. We get all perks (generally GT by Friday late night or early Saturday morning. Of course we opened Double Stacks (included in Perk 7 this week) by Wednesday night so we have all day today (Thursday) to reap those rewards!! If you have an interest please answer this post, request to join Mutiny, or PM me Deby Schelle.


Howdy…I go by Fire Chaplain and I’m the team leader of Ja Chrispy 1 since 4/8/2021. It seem as though when the games start getting harder, most of the team members tend not play as much or just stop playing. I enjoy playing and like a good challenge, so I’m thinking about stepping down as team leader and joining a team that want to play and have fun.

Hello Fire Chaplain, Mutiny has been a team since 2017 with several of the original members still playing. We are drama free and a fun club. Several of our members score well over 100K. We have a daily goal of at least 7K per day with the exception of Friday and that is at least 10K. We complete all perks. If that sounds good to you, give us a try. Club name: Mutiny

I’m a co-leader in Resurrection. Come join our team. We are looking for new people that are as dedicated to the game as we are. We finish club quests and a lot of time come in first in the competitions. We have about 6 slackers and gophers and we want to replace them. Give it some thought and look us up to join.

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Hi Divakcm, you are all welcome to join Mutiny. We were Legend for years (and on our way back as we rebuild). Our minimums are lower now 10K Friday midnight EDT, and then at least 7K per day. Many of us are 100K+ players. If this sounds good, or if you would like more info, please reply or you can PM me: Deby Schelle :sunglasses:

I would like to join your team

Hi Shelly, please sent request to join club name is: Mutiny

I don’t know how to :crazy_face:sorry

Shelly, What team are you on now?

I would love to join if a spot it still available

Hi Chad, We have a spot available in Ghost Ship our Diamond League Club. What club are you in now?