Platinum/diamond team

The Clan is currently rebuilding and looking for some members to join our family :slightly_smiling_face: We require 3,000 club points daily, the dig is optional for members but we will be reviewing this weekly. If we dig we work together and normally get 1st :slight_smile: :1st_place_medal: we will be working on all perks and currently have 1-6. We started working on perk 7 as soon as it came available​:moyai:and we also enjoy chatting and helping each other. We like to help players coin build and aim to complete all club quests, so far we haven’t lost one :purple_heart:we only returned to our club last week and have spent it in 1st in gold league. We will be moving to platinum next week :blush:our overall goal is diamond/platinum​:gem: if you love animals :hedgehog:and want a team understanding of life situations we could be the right fit for you :orange_heart:

Hi. I’m Barbzd. I love this game but need a new club. My club was platinum, then became obsessed with the competitions. (IMO they are fun but do not payoff unless everyone plays together…now we don’t get the perks or club quests and fell to gold league) I would love a club that is fun, perks first, club quests then the competition. I do between 25,000-45,000+ Per week. I play everyday.

Hey sorry about the last response… we would be happy for you to join us :slight_smile: