Platinum club looking for one player

Club established in July, 2016, with same leadership throughout. Must complete quests and follow chat! Minimum 20,000 points per week, with 8,000 by Sunday: 200 tributes. 24 hr idle with more available when requested for vacation, emergencies, etc. Our club name is Island Hoppers, so you’ll never find us in a search! :rofl: Reply here with your screen name and current club to get invite.

Wow you weren’t joking about not finding you, there a more then 3 pages of clubs with that name.
Best of luck filling your spots🍀

And we can’t change the club name. This club formed within the first hour that clubs were started. I had no idea that the name would become a problem.

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My daughter and I want to play on the same team. I am retired and she works but I help play her games if she works a long day. I don’t know if you have room yet for 2 players but this is what we look for. A team that works together and maxes all quests and perks in a timely manner but not so quickly that you end up having more than 1 quest a day a couple of times a week. I am on as Donna OH and she is sue. We joined Realtees today Gold/Platinum and I don’t think it’s going to be a good fit. Already missed a quest and are slow getting perks. Let me know if you are interested in 2 people. I share an average of 500 shares a week because I am on often and watch for people needing coins. Sue is a good player and good sharer also.

If it’s not too late I’d love to join. Elizabeth
Club name: Life Recovery.

Looked for you in Life
Recovery, but you weren’t there.

Elizabeth, I’ll message you in case the club you’re currently in does not work out.

Please don’t steal potential players from my post. I’d appreciate it if you created your own post. I have already lost these two to other leaders who saw the post before I did and took them. Very rude.

I’m Zuzu in Friendly Tiki. Are you still looking?