Platinum club.. looking for new players

Poi’s Place is looking for Daily players. Can’t be idle for longer than 15 hours unless you let us know. We do have rules that you have to agree with. We are looking for serious players. We do club quest first then the competition.


I’m interested. I need a new club asap

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Ok. We are a platinum club. We have rules to follow. If your still interested I will invite you

Hope you can find us from this.

Looking for new home with a team that completes club quests and perks. Like to dig

We do the competition as well but only after club requirements are done. You can find us in the platinum league club name is Poi’s Place.

Merry’s Misfits, a platinum team, is looking for a few new serious players. Club Quests (CQ) are played before Club Competitions (CC), which is optional. 15,000 Club points plus 100 tributes per week. Play daily, read ALL notes, plus read notes daily. MUST CHAT After 24 hours non playing removed. If you don’t follow the rules, removed. We are a friendly team, everyone gets along, even the people that don’t talk to much enjoy the team. If you are looking for a great team, let me know your game name and ask Merrys Misfits to let you join!! Looking forward to meeting you!