Hi there😊 All Perks Plz is a fun & active club that is usually a PLATINUM CLUB but recently lost a few long time players due to different life changes. This has left us scrambling to 1, complete our mandatory club quests due to not having enough members to complete 2, finish in the top 20 in the PLATINUM league where we usually finish and 3, is starting to bring club morale down a bit which I feel bad about as club leader.

We get the usual people that join but don’t want to do the work. We have a 30k weekly min(higher if extra perk added)-15k by Sunday at midnight-18hr max idle-club quests are required-reading chat & club notes-watching volcano & playing tributes. We aren’t into removing people for no reason and feel strongly about our tri-Fam. If you think you can meet these expectations and want to join us please do. WE NEED 3-4 PLAYERS😚