Platinum Club -happy to STAY Platinum- looking for responsible players

Hi. Thanks for looking.
Allied Rebels took a break for a bit, and is now in the process of rebuilding a great team. We currently have room for FIVE people. You must complete Club Quests, and pay attention to Chat.
We don’t require “chatty” people - just people who read chat and comment when needed.
The details you’re looking for:
25K per week and 250 tributes.
No Club Competition
Real Life Comes First!
We typically finish in low 20’s to mid teens in placement. We always get Perks 1-6, and USUALLY get the Special. We’re looking for people who WANT to get all 7, and play accordingly.
Leadership is fun, friendly, and puts the game AFTER the importance of real life responsibilities.

If you’re interested in joining, look up Allied Rebels and ask to join!