PJ’s Place looking for new players

Looking for new players, not overly strict, but team players who play consistently and try to move the club up.


I am playing in a club that has no ambition to move up a league. I don’t want a club that is on at you all the time but I do always hit my daily club quest.

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My club is Just Playin. I play as often as I can and like to complete goals but understand not everyone sits on their game non stop or spend money. So if you want to just be part of a team to get club perks come join my team. No stress. All I ask is that you play once every 30 days.

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I spend some hours every day on the game and I was invited and joined 2 different teams that ended up kicking me out with no explanation and after I had contributed so many points. I’m looking for a club now. I’m definitely a team player.

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I’m definitely interested my name is Jo and I have been playing for a few years. I play for some hours every day.

Looking for a club that likes to play the game. I pretty much just joined the first club I found. Only a few play the majority have been idle for multiple days or even months. I play several times a day. Try and collect my coins as much as possible. Even watched a few videos on what’s to know about the game.

I play almost daily and am in a club with no communication please check my profile. I am a good player and get lots of tributes!

PJ’s place would be happy to have you!