Piggybank complaint

Don’t know where to put this. The piggy bank is ridiculous maxing out at 80,000 coins for $5.99 or $4.99 I don’t know how much. Either way, it should let us continue to collect coins past that 80,000 and let us break that piggy bank for the same price while we continue to add money to it. Cheap. Skates.

I do better by just ignoring it.


Putting a cap on coins accumulated in the bank is sad, when I had the bank the 1st time, over a year ago it had to limit that was awesome I broke it,
But the 2nd time it had a cap on coins I didn’t feel it was worth it and ignored it.


I am new to this game, but I was teaching my son how to play and he was all excited he “had mail” in his inbox. We learned if we joined a group we earned coins so of course he wanted to. I was shocked when I read the group names and one of the names that popped up first was “whites only.” I assume someone is responsible to make sure no offensive group names form. Please take this down immediately. Happy New Year.

It looks like you posted this on my thread above abut the piggybank.
And I think what you brought up is very important and the right people need to see it.
Go to the main forum and find where it should go to get attention from the makers of this game.
Because yes, that team name is disgusting.
Good luck!

@ConcernedMoM, I see why you are concerned! I would not approve or join a club with such a name either!

I am confused that you were promised coins if you joined though. That’s not something available in TriPeaks. Was that possibly something in your email inbox, and a scam?

I’m not sure TriPeaks can delete a club based on name. All the club has to say is they meant white “shirts” only. :frowning: I know, that was dumb, but I don’t think they can assume racism.

It does help to make suggestions though (at least, I hope so, as I’ve made a million of them lol)

In the game, to tap on your profile pic, top left corner, then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.


I honestly can’t remember what we were promised, but if we joined a group we got something. Thanks for the info. I followed your instructions and just copy and pasted my comment and sent it to them.

I fully support free speech and freedom of expression…but “Whites only” is 100% racist and what was written on “whites only” establishments until segregation ended. No harm in renaming the group, but huge harm in subjecting children to the racism that our generation is trying so hard to eliminate. There are plenty of platforms where you can exercise your right to free speech that do not promise fun for young children. This app is marketed as 4+. Easy for me to say (as a upper class white female), but hopefully they honor my request.

Don’t mean to stand on my soap box here, but this group name made me mad. If we don’t stand up for what is right nothing will happen. Keep making your recommendations girl! Thanks for your help.


Possibly could be joining a club gives you more than the standard 3000 daily coins in your GAME inbox, ie. Daily 3750-6000 coins and daily perk bonuses.


I completely understand @ConcernedMoM! Unfortunately, TriPeaks has not offered a way to rename clubs. I’ve tried, even writing to the TriPeaks Gods. I don’t believe they have that ability. :frowning: If I were them, I’d move that up the priority list, for this reason.

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