#pickled cleaned house a d is recruiting

Very good base of dedicated players. We ha e recently been bouncing in and out of platinum league. We are seeking to add more dedicated players. Requirements : check in with chat. Please . I cant stress this enough. 100 tributes minimum. More is welcomed. 10000 club points minimum again more is welcome. Complete the perk requirement for each perk. Check the club gift. All we need is a “hey cant play much next few days” for what ever reason we dont care it’s not our business it just helps the team know what up. Communication is a must. We have a fb page #pickled. Come on over! Newbies : 5 tributes 500 club coin and click the gift. Say hey in chat.

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Sounds like my kind of team! I’ve sent a request to join.

Wondering if you have any space left in your club?

Yes! Come one over #pickled

#pickled is actively recruiting

Platinum level club in need of 6 new teammates. Must communicate! We are a dedicated core team. 10000 club points and 100 tributes minimum a week. No idle over 24 hours and participate in the quest. Chat is a must! #pickled