Phone reset lost game data

My phone reset and lost all my tripeaks data. I was in the red arrow club. Name is Gary. Cannot access. Game thinks I’m a new player.
Can anybody help, please?

Hi @Gary1! Welcome to the Forum!
Were you ever logged in through Facebook? If so, you can log in again and everything should be there.

I don’t use Facebook.
I hope there are other options. I have a lot of time invested in this game.


Same happened to me, ended up continuing as a new player with similar name then played until I could join a club then joined one until I got up high enough to get back in to my old club. Was a lot of work and game doesn’t feel the same anymore but I’m glad to have got back into my team and they were glad to get me back too. It was a bit tricky as I had to wait for them to go public or accept my request and for their numbers to drop out. When I rejoined then account I could no longer play was still a team member! So they had to remove my old profile, was very odd. I also tried uninstalling the app as recommended but that didn’t work either. Good luck!

Hi Annie.
Thx. I just played my way back and joined my old club. I sent a note to the club leader to see if he could help so I dont loose all my work…
I’ll wait and see what happens…