Personal points when changing clubs

When someone leaves a club to go to a different one, what happens to that individual’s points/etc.? Also, does that individual then receive the rewards for the new club they’ve just joined?

If you switch clubs in the middle of a tournament, you lose all club points you earned and have to start again at zero. Many clubs have a minimum you must earn back before going idle. When you join the new club, you can collect on all of the perks the club has earned. This is why higher level clubs are unlikely to let people join before reset. The best time to join is Friday morning but I would recommend that you ask to join before reset so the new club can see your level of play before quitting your old club.


The club I’m in had one try to sneak in and collect on our perks and did not play even one game. Our club leader booted that person before the perks kicked in tonight.

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Thank you! That was helpful! :slight_smile:

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