Perktacular has openings

Perktacular is a friendly, chatty, and competitive, yet laid back, club.
We currently have a few spots open.
Our requirements are 30k weekly, 5k by Friday, 10k by Sunday, 24hr idle.
Club Quests are mandatory.
We need daily active players…and we get 7 perks.
Please send request if interested!

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I need room for 3 that do 40+ per week and depending on week i can get up to 100k.

Yes im leader of current clib and we cant keep ppl scoring high. I need to find a leader for group. I will request to join after event. The other two are Jenny and John.

Are these also your game usernames?

No mine is melissa t

Got it. What club are you in now? Pls stay in that club until accepted into ours.

We are rum runners. Im trying to find a new leader. I might be able to get some of the other strong people to come if needed.

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Lets start with 2-3 of you, and go from there.

We should have spots for all 3

I definately want to take these two with me if i leave. They will participate.

Are u guys normally in diamond? Are u staying in diamond this week?

Yes, and yes. We don’t move down, but sometimes make the jump up to the next level for a week.

Ok so the old leader is going to come back and shut this club down if no one wants to step up as leader so we can join a new club. Let me know when you think your send invites after event. Thanks and happy to start in a new club.soon.

You have already been accepted. We have all perks done…
Then you can recommend the other 2.