“PERKS & FUN :-)” is looking for a few good players in our club! Club Reqires 3k daily and nothing over 18hrs idle :slight_smile:
Perks 1-6 completed weekly, sometimes 7.

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Still have an opening? I average 20-30k a week and my current club has imploded. :frowning:

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Yes Kimbur, we do have an opening :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you still looking?

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Imploded, we are working very hard to recruit and rebuild with great players at top and dedication hopefully is what will bring us back up in the end. It isn’t a bad club or doing bad under circumstances, I have 15 invites n more daily for top ranked clubs BUT we r not imploding we r rebuilding and it’s hard when players leave but as I said we will keep going n just had to pick up for us a lil bc most of us do work so hard, we are not a bad team, we have had some unfortunate luck but it comes with the game and ur hard work was so appreciated…ur a great player but possibly didn’t stay long enough to know why the top players are dbl playing, n playing hard to recruit and move up, patience n all in good time for our much loved non imploding team. All the best I hope u found a better suited team n ur happy playing!


One opening currently :slight_smile:

I’m looking for club :grinning:

Find me on FB Nicole Ciras, from Seabrook-so I can add you to club. Or Request to join :slightly_smiling_face: