Perks and clubbpoints

I love the game, I play daily. The only thing I would love to see is when working on a perk with club members. I would love to see what the numerical goal is. Ex. Perk 5 which is labeled hard. How many point are needed to complete that perk as well as the others. Its like were working towards a goal that seems impossible. I would love for my club members to see we need 10k more points or whatever to reach our goal. Some perks take 3 days to complete. Other than that I really enjoy playing
This is the first game I have not uninstalled.


That typical number per perk has been posted in the forum several times. I’ll see if I can find it.

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Perks fluctuate, but generally here is a close breakdown
15 k
150 k
300-400 k
It depends what the perks include wilds will be worth more, and perk 7 now has the amount required 85k- 1million k. So generally the minimum is 575k to complete perks 1-6. It could go to 675k


I went the the search tool and typed in points per perk.


I appreciate the breakdown, Thank you. I am wondering if there is a way to determine how many K’s are left after beginning the perk. ie say u have 5K at the start of the perk and your team has played for, say 4 hrs, then how many K are left to complete the perk? I am just curious if there is a way to determine. Thanks


Our club leader just keeps track of the points per perk and the total to do all of them. Problem is if you have people leave it’s hard to keep track. So she usually just updates with an approximate amount of points remaining.


Thank you for responding so fast. Now that u mention your leader keeping tract I pretty much think ours probably does too. I can ask our club leader. She has the numbers for just about everything we do. She’s on top of it all. I thought I would mention it on the Forum perhaps answering someone else’s question since u had Saud somethimy about it there. Again thanks so much.


You are so welcome!! Anytime.

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@Netasknicks Great suggestion! I agree, it would be nice to see the “exact” number of club points needed, to complete each perk. Even if you already know it takes 75K to complete, it would still be nice to see the progress you’re team is making towards completing it. I think that would keep the team more motivated to finish each perk. I know sometimes, it can feel like that green meter bar is broke, because it seems like it takes FOREVER to even get 1/2 way!


Yes…marvellous idea! It would give the lower scorers in the team an incentive instead of plodding on oblivious of the fact that they are not contributing much to getting the perks.


Went on vaca and came home and my club had finished a perk but i didnt recieve any of them next week played again and again didnt recieve the rewards. Anyone else have this issue?

Did you send in a ticket to support?

I’ve read all the posts on your concern. I’ve wondered the same thing…how many points are still needed? The green bar, to me, is misleading especially since there are times it doesn’t seem to move at all. Wish it was more like the Club Quest bar indicator.