PerkPros needs a few TEAM players - Diamond

We are a Diamond level team that just got demoted to Platinum because of 4 people who just weren’t team players. They have been removed. We will be back up to Diamond this week, even short on players, but we need solid people to help keep us there. We are not strict and have a family type atmosphere. We would like you to immediately go to the chat area upon joining, read the rules and let us know if you agree, we have a goal of 7500 points / 50 tributes a day but we understand that can’t always happen. We do require you to play the club competition (and use boosters, wilds, etc. to get the max amount of shovels) strong textand play in the pattern we have devised, get all of the required tributes in the Club quest for Gems, communicate with us if you have have an idle over 13 hours, and go to chat to communicate during the club competition and to let us know when you maxed a club quest. That’s about it. We are very easy to get along with and just need a few more loyal, team-oriented people to join us! Come on over ASAP!