Perk value volcano point requirements

Is it possible to have the rundown on perk order and value perk 1 equals 5K; 2 equals 15 k; meaning one & two will be complete with 20K. I have a rough estimate from Counting for the last year or so but if I could get a confirmation I would appreciate it thank you!


Hi @Happy_Feet
This is compliments of @Miranda:

Perk 1: 5,000
Perk 2: 15,000
Perk 3: 35,000
Perk 4: 70,000 (When it has a wild card in it: 80,000)
Perk 5: 150,000
Perk 6: 300,000 (When it has a volcano card in it: 350,000)

Total: 575,000 (with extra’s in perk 4 & 6: 635,000)

Perk 7:
With a hold card on Monday: 450,000 (sometimes 475,000)
Extra perk on Tuesday: 250,000
Booster perk on Wednesday: 85,000


I go by the chart n then how many club points we have are posted in club house makes it pretty accurate

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That was super nice to share. This is very similar to what I’ve figured out too. Does everyone get the same volcano perks? Ours usually totals 625k @ the completion of 6. Maybe the variation is different clubs receiving different rewards in their perks?

We’ve seen clubs with less than a million complete all 7. On the same week, we were well over a million & still hadn’t completed 7 yet. (We hadn’t completed 6 prior to 7 coming out either, so it wasn’t because we already had more points going into 7). I’m sure special Perks are the same for everyone but maybe the difference in points is everyday perks are different in the volcano for each Club.

@Happy_Feet, when clubs get perks with less points, it’s because they have had at least 1 member leave their club. When a member leaves, their points are subtracted from the club, but the perk progress is not affected (the green meter line does not go backward).

So if your club has 50,000 points, & is almost done with perk 3 (which, going in order, would require 55,000 points) the club would need 5,000 points to complete that perk. If a member who had earned 10,000 points leaves, the club points would now be 40,000, but it will still only take 5,000 more points to complete that perk. So that club would have perk 3 done with 45,000 points.

Tripeaks sure complicated things when they started subtracting points when a member leaves, making it much harder to keep track of other clubs.

I even have a hard time knowing when a perk is going to be done if one of my members leave, & I didn’t notice how many points they had when they left. :frowning:


Lol does that mean if I boot someone on a Thursday night we won’t lose our perk progress? Or is that only if they leave on their own?

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You can boot, & won’t lose your perk progress, even on Thursday night, but less points will affect your rank.

We’re pretty much family at this point but I have been so irritated in the past when we’ve missed our last perk by 1 or 2k bc people quit playing after Wednesday. Thank you for your help!