Perk questions, guidance needed

I was made a co-owner of a group but there is no communication going on in the club. I was wondering why there are some members that are working on Perk 5/6 or the special perk when everyone else is working in numerical order. If they are working on Perk 5, are their points being added to the group? I find it irritating. Our group has never completed Perk 5 so working on a Perk where the club total has to be 900,000 seems ridiculous to me. In fact, I seem to be the sole contributor other than maybe 3 others. Also, right now, we are at Perk 4. I never get the daily login items until the perk has been completed. Is that normal?


Hi @Wendy_Titmus, the points they earn do go toward club points, but if it’s not on a perk that will ever get done, they are wasted points.

Your club needs team players to accomplish completing perks. I always say if you don’t want to be a team player, you don’t need to be on my team, and i remove them.

First, you can put them on the perk you are working on, by going into Pele’s Perks (the volcano), tap on Reorder, make sure the perk the team is working on is right below those that are finished, then tap Save. I would also say in chat to please stay in perk #4.

If they don’t, remove them, and find team players!

Note: If Pele’s perk is in the order your team wants, then you simply need to just press Reorder, and then Save

In our club we always remind each other in chat that we’ll be completing the perk today, so don’t collect the bonus yet, so yes that’s normal, and good! However, if you won’t complete it in that day, by all means get your bonuses!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes, or if you have any other questions!


I feel your frustration. Even when I “Re-order” the perks sometimes a member moves to a different level. As a co leader you can kick off anyone not following team rules. I just wish there was a way to send a direct message to the player to warn them

Hi CindyLu. I am a co leader in our group. May I ask you what you mean by if you can’t complete the perk in a day then don’t collect the bonuses? We have a good team and we usually get all the perks done but if there is something I’m not aware of that could help my team I would love to know. Thank you!

Hi @MarySpangler, here is a post that explains collecting daily bonuses :slight_smile:

Player Hints and Tips: Collecting Daily Bonus/Daily Club Bonus

Hope out helps clarify. If not, let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That helps me a lot!

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