Perk Hoppers is looking for a player

Our club does not have any minimums other than showing up and contributing. Until you are an established player there is a no-idle for 3 day minimum. We have all different levels of players and it is relaxed and fun atmosphere. Send me a request to join through the game.

Hi. Club sounds like a good match but I can’t find d it. Lots of “island hoppers” but no club called perk hoppers comes up.

Hi Bobbie, you have to search with the exact spelling including capitals. Perk Hoppers

Fairly new to the game. I play daily but may not reach very high scores. I’m in a club now and really don’t know what to do.

we dont have any minimums other than showing up. we can definitely help you be a better player. We will have a least one opening today. Search for Perk Hoppers and send me a request to join.