Perk Crushers is looking for fun competitive players!

We recently lost a few good players due to Life Changes! Do you enjoy playing and being slightly competitive? Then you will love our team Perk Crushers. We are currently in the top 250 but are usually in the top 100 - 150. Our requirements are: New players must get 3000 club points before going idle. 20,000 club points by Sunday at midnight and 40,000 by game end (60,000 if 1,000,000 perk 7). We aim to get all club quest and all perks including extra perks. If this sounds good to you, then please request an invite.


Perk crushers is a great club with great players!

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Is there still an opening? I am interested

Is it possible to get that many points without the purchases?

Im a competitive player L would love to be on your teem .