perk 6 increased??

perk 6 doesn’t have the volcano card this week, and my club has gotten more than the 300K needed to finish it, but it’s not complete! did they increase the points needed?

We completed all perks & perk 6 this week is 350k

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I haven’t been able to figure out why they did that, but yes, perk 6 was 350,000 points without a volcano card this week :frowning:

My perk 6 shows 1 volcano card and 3 in the special perk!

How can you tell how many points you have used to get a Perk? What is the best recommended perk order? Thanks, jean

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I believe this is correct. and what perk order you go for kinda depends on how many points your club does a week.
my club knocks out 1 and 2 really quick, then we do 6, 5, 3, and 4

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