Hello everyone just I started my own club I haven’t a clue what I’m doing but here we go Just looking for players who can contribute help out when you can & have a good time I know life is stressful time zones & other matters that consume us daily So this club is a stress free zone I’ll check in daily stay safe & enjoy!!


@PaynefulPleasures, it might help to put your post in the sub category of Casual under Club Recruitment. I went ahead and did that for you.

Do you have any standards that you would like teammates to be aware of? Minimum points each day or week? Maximum idle? Any other expectations? I’m recruiting also and find that posting expectations really helps to find a good fit. Best of luck to you!

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Thank you very much I appreciate it
Just to contribute help one another
I understand that we all lead hectic lives & time zones are another thing to consider
So I’m taking a more relaxed approach & see where that takes me
I wish you all the best with yours
Once again thank you take & be safe :heart:


Is your club public or invite only?
The heading of your topic, (PaynefulPlayers with no space) is that the team name?
These may be helpful items to add to your recruitment statement.
Best of luck to you😊

Thank you it’s public now I’m just trying to list it lol thank you once again :hugs:

Just so you know sometimes it hard to find groups, I tried to look your team up by Typing in the full name… it did NOT show up I deleted letters and found you by only typing in Pay,
Best of luck to you and have fun😁