Past FB gift not working

I was on the FB page and decided to go back to older posts to search for gifts as I was not aware that they were available until recently. I was able to claim all from May and June but beyond that most of the links won’t work. It opens the app and then nothing happens. Is there a time limit that the gifts have before they are not good anymore?

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Yes I thought they expired after a month

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Tracy is correct, they are only there for so long, but I am not sure how long. It may only be a month.

I was getting the same from active Facebook gifts. Ended up shutting down the system .seems to be going good since the reset.

I was able to go back through January.

Recently? Some of them go straight to the app, if I go back to January it prompts me to open the app. Either way nothing happens when the app opens :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

About a week ago. Usually, if it’s one I’ve already collected, it will tell me that. I just tried to click on one from 2/22/19 (I know I collected previously because I marked it by “liking” the post). It took me to the game but never told me I had already collected. Looks like they did change something. :frowning: