Packs too expensive

Stop buying packs until they stop rigging the game and make it fair again. If regular players who purchase, stopped; and started posting comments about how bad the gameplay has become…they would soon notice. So spread the word


I’ve told my club to stop purchasing everything. Esp extra cards. Some of my members were nearly broke and I explained if they stopped buying extra cards it would get better. The winning has been so beyond ridiculous. Many of my club members want to quit the game because it’s so hard to win and no longer fun. Only our club chat keeps them here and playing. It’s very sad what they are trying to do to us!!!


I know. I am home with medical problems, still need several procedures but has been 8 months not working. I really enjoyed the game at first, but noticed the game play was becoming more difficult and lagging. With more and more flash deals flashing at us lol…
When we got perk 6 we used to increase our coins in the bank! I really enjoy the people and clubs I am in now are awesome. But if things don’t change soon, and we continue to be ripped off, hanging up my gloves on once was an awesome game :sob:


Agreed! Everything went up $10!!! Not $1 or 2 but $10! Can’t win a game hardly ever now. They’ve really hurt morale within the teams. We can’t even keep a full team anymore because people idle early because they have no coins. FIX THIS!!


I agree with the pricing, it means we can’t compete on the same level. Also noted that packs are more expensive for those using IPad than Android.

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i agree they make the lower levels hard to win. the games are rigged it pay to play

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comment on their facebook posts daily

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leave comment on their facebook posts

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Yes totally agreed its amazing how much … it costs to play that this game is meant really to drain us dry. Never been addicted to anything. Feel like I am addicted to this by how expensive this is.


leave your comment on their facebook posts then they will read them

yeap that’s why i stop buying them