Our club is dying... need new club for 9 fierce players!!!

We can’t seem to recruit so we’re looking to merge. I am the leader, dont care about being a leader. I (and we) just want to stay together in a Diamond (preferably) club. Our “weakest” players don’t go below 35k a week and our strongest are anywhere between 70-100k weekly. Who needs 9 awesome additions?!?! Oh and we prefer not to be with any psychos, lol

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I could use 3, if they make at least 42000 weekly, do clubquests and no longer idle then 24 hours. Our name is Artistica.

Chillin Island is looking for several team members that want to play daily

Mir’s (Mirs) would be so excited to have you all join our team. We created our own club and so many players who are joining are not even reading the club notes or even the chat board. We are going to be an amazing team. We welcome you all with open arms. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rose::rose:

Ugh, we ended up filling up at reset. We still have room for 5 if any of y’all want to join. And if these new players don’t work out, I’ll let y’all know. Perkulators.

Hey Sandra, I think I found y’all. I’m not sure that you would want to, but I did invite you (and others) to our club. I think we have room for 6, possibly more. I totally understand if y’all don’t want to leave your club and take a chance with us, but the offer is open. We ask 15k by Sunday and 35k by Thursday, no 24 hr idle, helps with cq’s. Either tell me no straight up or discuss, but I wanted to offer it to you. We are in Platinum this week.

Let me think about it I will talk to my team and let you know THANK YOU

Check out new club Beach Slappped!

Have Fun needs active players

Are you still looking for players to merge.