Orbs are gone today

Today the orbs were taken away. But earlier it did not mention an ending time. Or did i miss this. A pity. I missed lot of rewards. They say they gave some boosters. But its nothing compared to my orbs stock…


Yeah there was a counter to the end of the roko powerup event, similar to the rescue missions.


It said that this "chapter " would end in 13 days if I’m not mistaken. I was so close to opening the last mystery box too and there were no more quests I could complete. :frowning:
It will be back. I hope soon!


I agree was collecting for weeks an it just left


Same here lost all of mine.

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Wow… I play all the time and have no ideal what an orb is?? Please can anyone clue me in! Thanks… hoping I’m still on earth!

New feature for rewards. Very nice. But taken away before i could use the most. Also in my team not everyone received them.

i agree, hope they bring it back

I only got notice about 8 hours in advance,a small timer came up on the power ups if you clicked on it. I also saved up a ton because the rewards got better with more orbs and it said eventually it would end but had no specific time frame. I had to use them all up in a few hours when they weren’t needed and many were wasted