Only 20 friends can send per day

I think it’s counterproductive to only allow 20 gifts from co-players…what incentive do we have to make new friends? I think it’s wong :confused:


I also think it’s counterproductive to allow only 20 gifts per day…what incentive do we have to make more friends?


I’ve got over 30 friends and have to wait til next day to collect 46,000 pts in the morning which throws off rewards for that day…after two or three days I just have to throw rewards away and start over…this is very wrong…I’ve worked hard to friend people and deserve my coins for my hard work…I constantly invite new people to the game…what’s my incentive to do this…getting bored with this game with all the negative changes…not to mention you can’t even win games anymore :confused: please fix this!!!

I don’t feel a need to make anymore friends. I have enough friends that I collect my 60,000 coins, and immediately have 75,000 (which seems to be the max) waiting for me for the next day. :slight_smile: