Old member coming back to play

Old member with plenty of coins and extras who can guarantee at least 60k a week.


Welcome to the forum @Sonia_Ashley
The club I’m in will be looking for new members at reset.
Krazy Fun is the name of the club.
Our rules are simple and most players are overachievers
1700 apon entry of club,
Max club quest,
5k day/35 byreset.
If your interested let me know… :slight_smile:


Hi Sonia! Tiki Central is ready for you to join us! We are #1 in our Gold League.
We will welcome you with open arms, no Social distancing required ; )

We would certainly be happy to have u in ClubPhilly! Pls, come on over… the water is fine! Plus I got umbrella drinks! Lol

Perks Unite would love to have you!

Armyofoneperks is a diamond club looking for a player with your abilities, let me know your player name, and I’ll make sure your request to join is accepted

Join Krakatoa!!! Very good and friendly club😁

It you are still looking for a club we ask 35 k a week and max club quest we are Krazy Fun a a great team to play with

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Island Friends would accept you as you are… We love to have fun & we love to chat too… I’m the club leader & my name is Denise, there 4-5 other clubs that have same name… Check out the name of club leaders until you get to me… Thanks… ; )
We are a Gold club, and have been Platinum a few times…
We would so love to have you… My members & Co Leaders are all super friendly… And dedicated players…
Thanks for considering us… I wish you well on your journey of club choice… ; )
P.S. 6K a day… No idol over 20hrs unless life happens & you let me know…
Collect tributes… Max club quests…

Key Largo could use a player like you! We require 35k/week and currently bounce from platinum to diamond league.

Would love to have you join our team. Very laid back. Monthly contest for Co-leader position. One opening. Only rule is members are booted if inactive for 30 days. Check us out. Shags Tiki. Or msg me

Please feel free to come to my team. :raised_hands:t3::heart:

Sonia join us tiki warriors…