Old links on the Facebook page not working

After playing this game for over a year, I just discovered the Facebook fan page AND that there are links to free gifts! I went all the way back until April 1 and got those gifts a few days ago; however today I can’t seem to access any of the gifts earlier than that! The game loads, but I don’t get a message or anything. Do the old links expire? Such a bummer that I missed it after playing so long!


I think they expire. I discovered it last month and was able to go back to March 1.


I believe they do, when I discovered them I got to go back a litt over 30 days ,and that was 6 months ago. I figured them out on my own, I’m not a Fb user but use the link threw my inbox.


They do expire. I used to think it was when they turned a month old, but it sounds like y’all are getting more than a months with! Woohoo!

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