OAKLEY: Top 300-500 team in search of a daily player that averages 25k+ weekly (preferably more)

Hey everyone, we recently lost a player and looking for a fun, friendly player that is chatty! Is that you? We have a solid team that’s funny, helpful, encouraging, & active! Let me know asap!

Team Name: Oakley
MY username: DebraInVegas/Need20k+Member
Motto: GoldenTikiLovinTeam
15k/week min 24 max idle (or just let us know)
New players 2k before idle

Come join while the spot is open!

Message me on FB messenger if you request so I can add you asap! (Missdebra82)

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I am interested! Have you filled this spot, yet?


We got a “filler” but hardly playing! Are you interested still?

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Yes! I requested to join your group but received a reply that you’re not currently accepting new members.

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@slmartin81 Hmmm, ok - strange! Try again, we booted the “filler” for no play today.

What’s you name on the game and what is the team name that you’re currently in? I’ll send you a recommendation!

I already joined another group. Thank you, though!

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Sorry for the confusion! Best of luck with your new team! Keep me in mind if you need to switch to another team! And I got a FB friend request for someone today, was that you by chance?

Need a player again @slmartin81 - want to join, we’ve become a very strong and friendly team!!!